How to Hide Dashcam Wires

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With so many vehicles on the road, having a dashcam is essential. Accidents happen, and they’re not always your fault. Having a dashcam can help you avoid paying for damages caused by someone else’s negligence.

Dashcams serve other purposes, including keeping your car safe at night. They can also provide pretty cool footage of your adventures. That said, one thing you might struggle with is mounting your dashcam properly.

We are those pesky dashcam wires which can get in the way. You don’t want them dangling down and obstructing any of your vehicle’s controls, and you don’t want them blocking your view in any way. Moreover, having those wires loose just doesn’t look nice either.

Today, we want to talk about properly mounting your dashcam, so the wires are hidden.

How to Hide Dashcam Wires: Step by Step

This article covers a straightforward DIY method for hiding those pesky dashcam wires that should require minimal tools and effort. That said, vehicle components can be a bit sensitive, so work carefully to ensure that you don’t cause any damage.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Vehicle

The first thing is to familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s wiring by reading the owner’s manual.

This is especially the case if you are going to run the dashcam wires under the cover of the A-pillar. Of course, you don’t want to mess with any wiring or airbags, so being familiar with your vehicle’s under-dash wiring is essential.

Mount the Dashcam

The next step is to mount your dashcam. Of course, this will depend on the make and model of your dashcam. However, we will assume that you have one that uses either adhesive or a suction cup to attach to the windshield.

The best place to mount your dashcam is directly behind the rearview mirror. This will keep it out of the way of your line of sight while still providing a full view of the road. Remember, you want to keep the wires and the dashcam out of the way.

Run the Wire Along the Windshield Trim

The next step is to run the dashcam wire along the trim of the windshield, along the top. You may be able to just tuck the wire right under the fabric adjoining the windshield. However, you may need to remove the trim and tap the wire under it.

If this is the case, getting an auto trim removal kit will make it easier to remove the trim and then put it back in place. On a side note, it is a good idea to run the cable to the passenger side.

You can run the cable to the driver’s side if you want, although this often causes issues. Routing it to the passenger side is recommended to keep it out of your way. Tuck the cable under the trim at the top of the windshield until you get to the A-pillar on the passenger’s side.

How to Hide Dashcam Wires

Tuck the Cable Under the A-Pillar

Now that you have the cable to the top right-hand corner of the windshield, you will need to deal with the A-pillar. There may be a crack large enough between the A-pillar and the ceiling of your vehicle to tuck the wire in.

The goal is to tuck the cable into this crack until you get to the weather trim of the door. If the crack is not large enough, you will need to remove the cover on the A-pillar.

This may require specialized tools. Be aware if you have to remove the cover off of the A-pillar because there is an airbag in there. You want to tuck the wire under the A-pillar cover until you get to the passenger side dashboard.

Tuck it Into the Weather Trim of the Door

You now need to tuck the cable under the weatherstrip on the door. You may be able to tuck it in there without much effort, or you might have to remove the weatherstrip before you can put the cable under there.

Either way, the goal is to tuck the cable under the weatherstrip until the cable reaches the underside of the dashboard; the cable should now be at the bottom of the door of the glove box on the passenger side.

Run the Cable Under the Glove Box

The final step is to run the cable under the glovebox. There should be more than enough room between the glove box and the vehicle’s frame, so you can tuck the cable behind the glove box.

There may be some small hooks you can put the cable on. If you can’t tuck the cable behind the glove box or hang it off anything, attach it to the bottom of the glove box using tape. Once you have run the cable to the left side of the glove box, you can then plug it into the power outlet in your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

This has been an easy DIY method on how to hide dashcam wires. However, keep in mind that there are now many wireless and battery-powered dashcams available, and we recommend buying one as they don’t have any cables to hide.

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