Type S 360 Dash Cam Review

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Dashcams can come in handy in a number of situations. That said, finding a good dashcam with all of the relevant features is easier said than done.

Today, we want to review one dashcam that you might be interested in. This is a high-quality model that comes with many user-friendly features.

Type S 360 Dash Cam

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The Type S 360 Dash Cam has a substantial price tag, but it also has high-quality features to match.

Who Is This Product For?

The Type S 360 Dash Cam is designed for anyone on the road a lot. Dashcams like this are ideal for several purposes. First, they can help prevent you from being liable if an accident isn’t your fault.

The Type S 360 Dash Cam can also help prevent your car from being stolen when parked. In addition, it allows you to see what damaged your vehicle while you weren’t there. This dashcam is ideal for regular commuters and professionals whose careers involve driving.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Type S 360 Dash Cam, you get a 360° 1080P dashcam with a double-sided adhesive system.

It also has a 12V cigarette charger cable, a 12V hardwire cable, and a 16GB class 10 microSD card.

That said, this unit can hold a micro SD card of up to 128GB; however, this must be purchased separately.

Overview of Features

This is a highly advanced dashcam full of unique features and technology. One of the really cool things is that this is a 360° dashcam. This means that it can see in all directions, which eliminates the need to have multiple cameras facing different directions.

On that same note, there are also multiple recording modes. For example, there is a standard 360° recording mode, a 360° VR mode, a 180° recording mode, a fish eye mode, and two-in-one, three-in-one, and four-in-one modes.

This dashcam records in full HD 1080P. This is pretty high-quality and means that everything that this dashcam records should be easily visible. This includes reading license plates and capturing other small details.

This dashcam works great in the daytime and excels at nighttime recording with its automatic night vision. Whenever this camera is in a low-light environment, it automatically switches to night vision mode.

The night vision mode is high-definition, and all recordings are crystal clear. This dashcam can easily see license plates and tiny details, whether day or night.

In addition, this model comes with 24-hour vehicle surveillance. This is the so-called “park and record” mode. It also has G sensor technology; in park mode, the camera records at all times while the vehicle is parked. If the G sensor is activated, the camera will capture and save video 10 seconds before until 10 seconds after movement is detected.

This helps keep your vehicle safe from theft and vandalism during the night. If you wake up in the morning with any damage to your vehicle, you will be able to see exactly what happened.

This dashcam can hold an SD card of up to 128 gigabytes. However, it comes with a 16 gigabyte SD card – a class 10 SD card, to be exact.

Remember that one gigabyte can hold about 10 minutes of 1080P footage. Therefore, this 16-gigabyte memory card should be able to hold nearly three hours of 1080P footage.

The Type S 360 Dash Cam Features a 2.4-inch high-definition LCD display. It also has intuitive onboard controls. This means that you can easily control this dashcam from the driver’s seat.

You can also view all recorded footage on the high-quality screen. That said, using the special app, you can connect this unit to your smartphone. This means you can use your smartphone to control this dashcam, as well as view all recorded footage.

The Type S 360 Dash Cam Comes with a very long power cable and 12V adapter so you can plug it right into your vehicle. This unit also has an easy double-sided tape mounting system.


The Type S 360 Dash Cam is a very simple and intuitive dashcam. That said, it does need to be unboxed, set up, and properly installed. Therefore, instead of providing you with a lengthy explanation, we have included a link to a tutorial video that will tell you how to set up this unit.


  • Very high-quality footage
  • 360° recording
  • 7 recording modes
  • Great night vision
  • Parking mode
  • G-sensor with automatic recording
  • HD LCD display
  • It can be controlled via a smartphone
  • 16 GB SD memory card included


  • Hard to reposition once mounted
  • Not exactly the most affordable option


If you are looking for a dashcam that features a suction cup mounting system, we recommend the GILAYGROW 4K Dual Dash Cam.

However, if your primary concern is affordability, we recommend the Milerong Front and Rear Dash Cam. It comes at an affordable price yet still has all of the features that you’d expect a dashcam to have.


When it comes down to it, the Type S 360 Dash Cam is probably one of the best dash cams out there right now. This is due to its ability to record 1080P with a 360° view.

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