What Is a Dashcam Used for?

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You’ve probably seen plenty of dashcam footage on the internet at this point. Likewise, there’s plenty of footage of car accidents, unruly drivers, and even people looking to commit fraud.

Some people might get dashcams to record their own driving; however, dashboard cameras have many different uses.

You might think getting a dashcam for your vehicle is overly cautious. However, dashcams can save you when proving that you weren’t at fault in an accident.

There is a lot more to it than that. So, what else can a dashcam be used for? Below we have listed various reasons why a dashcam can come in handy. But, first, let’s talk about the multiple benefits of having a dashcam mounted in your vehicle.

Car Accidents and Liability

The primary reason why investing in a dashcam for your vehicle is a good idea is to provide you with solid evidence in the event of an accident. For example, if somebody turned left in front of you, cut you off, and you ran into the back of them, with a dashcam, you have firsthand evidence of the entire event. However, it’s your word against the other driver without a dashcam. They may try to claim that you were driving too fast and that the accident was your fault.

You have firsthand evidence that the accident was not your fault if it goes to trial. There is simply nothing better than having video evidence.

If there is a car crash, and it wasn’t your fault, dashcam footage is the best way to defend yourself. This can prevent a lot of time wasted in court and money. It’s all about proving who is liable in an accident and saving you potentially thousands of dollars.

Preventing Theft and Vandalism

Another use of a dashcam is to help prevent theft and vandalism when your vehicle is parked. It’s no secret that cars get stolen and broken into as well.

Whether someone wants to steal the change out of the center console or the whole vehicle, a dashcam can prevent this from occurring. For one, a dashcam can act as a deterrent. When people see a dashcam, they may assume that it is recording, and they will stay away from your vehicle.

Even if it does not act as a deterrent, most dashcams will start recording when they sense motion. They will also start recording when your vehicle turns on.

Many newer models will provide alerts when they notice something going on. For example, a dashcam can alert you to theft or vandalism in progress and perhaps prevent your car from being stolen.

Moreover, some people just like to vandalize vehicles at night, and a dashcam can provide a visual record. But, of course, the damage isn’t always intentional. For example, someone might park their vehicle beside yours, open the door too fast, and put a dent in your car.

It’s no secret that people don’t always admit when they’ve done something wrong. If you wake up in the morning to see that your vehicle’s been damaged, a dashcam can tell you what happened.

What Is a Dashcam Used for

Evidence of Bad Driving

If you see unruly or impaired drivers on the road, it is your responsibility to report them to the authorities. Whether it is someone driving too fast or racing, weaving in and out of lanes, or cutting people off, they should be reported to the authorities.

Undisciplined, unruly, and reckless driving needs to be taken care of to prevent accidents from occurring. However, reporting this sort of behavior to the authorities without evidence is not easy and will come down to your word against theirs.

Unless you have an eyewitness to testify for you, reporting those people to the authorities without any kind of other evidence is futile. Therefore, having dashcam evidence to back up your claims when reporting unruly drivers is essential.

Preventing Auto Fraud

Have you ever seen dashcam footage of someone jumping onto the hood of a stopped vehicle and then collapsing on the road, supposedly in pain? This is fraud, and it’s a growing phenomenon.

Pedestrians will attempt to fake a car accident or claim that they were hit by a car. They will then try to bully you into paying them money so they don’t call the authorities. Finally, they may threaten to take you to court. Many people will pay these fraudsters because no one wants to go to court for a car accident that wasn’t their fault.

So, without evidence to the contrary, you’re left paying large sums of money to these scam artists.  A dashcam is a perfect way to avoid being a victim of this kind of fraud.

And Much More!

There are other reasons why vehicle dashboard cameras come in handy. For one, if you have a child who is just learning how to drive, keeping an eye on them is essential. In addition, you can check the footage to see exactly what your child is doing in the car with a dashcam recording at all times.

Many dashcams also have GPS, so you can keep track of where your car is. This is handy for parents, businesses, and people who lend their vehicles out.

Another dashcam use is to record yourself driving. Some people like to record themselves driving; some people like to record their adventures; and others want to record the scenery around them.

Moreover, if your dashcam has a GPS feature, it can also work as a navigational aid.

Dashcams Uses

As you can see, a dashcam has many uses. But, when it comes down to it, it’s all about keeping you, your vehicle, and your finances safe.

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